As a high-tech innovation company, Chengdu Vcare Qinyuan health technology Co., Ltd was founded in Dec. 2013, The company founders all have more than 20 years working experience in microelectronics industry.

        The company focuses on extensive human body health monitoring technology research and development. By providing chip-level human body health monitoring solutions, We help our clients achieve personalized management of body health data.

        In June 2017, We launched an ultra-low power consumption heart rate sensor chip named VC9S. The VC9S chip can be widely used in wearable devices, and it provides a continuous hardware entrance for body health data. The ultra-low power design of VC9S makes it suitable for real time human body health data monitoring.

        In March 2018, We launched the second generation photoelectricity integration heart rate sensor chip named VC8201A and a continuous heart rate monitoring algorithm. The integration and applicability of the product are further improved and products are highly evaluated by vast number of customers.