General Description
        The VC9S is an ultra-low power Heart Rate sensor with an I2C/SPI interface. The PPG signal reflects the blood movement in vessel, which goes from the heart to the wrist or finger through the blood vessels in a wave-like motion. Therefore, We can use this PPG signal data to calculate HRM and HRV value.
        The VC9S can be widely used in wearable devices, and provides a continuous hardware entrance for human health data.
Ultra-low power
        Operation Voltage:3.0V~3.6V
        Working current:25μA
        Sleep Current:2.5μA
Compatible with I2C/SPI Interface
        I2C clock frequency up to1MHz
        Support 4 I2C slave address
        SPI clock frequency up to 8MHz
Configurable Parameter Setting
        Configurable signal sampling period
        Configurable green led lighting time
        Configurable IR led lighting time
        Configurable AMP waiting time
Intelligent Characteristics
        Monitoring wearing state automatically
        Eliminating ambient light automatically
On-Chip Optical Device Integration
        Integrating 2 525nm LEDs and 1 940nm LED
        Integrating 1 high-sensitivity Photodiode
        LGA14 (6mm×5mm×1.1mm) package
        Comply with RoHS standard